Disinflation is Materializing and the SP500 is Rallying | How Are the Disinflation Bets Going?

Here is today’s premium video going over the key equity sectors included in our model portfolio as well as a technical update of the SP500.


Initial Model Portfolio Research Article:

Launching the Game of Trades Model Portfolio: A Collection of Our Best Bets


Research Making the Case for Disinflation and Highlighting Highlighting Opportunities in Tech, Consumer Discretionary and Transportation Stocks:

Is the Fed Overdoing It? Our View on Where Rates are Headed and What It Means for Stocks

Disinflation to the Rescue? How the Oil Market Can Help Equities

The Consumer is Down But Not Out, A Contrarian Bet Against Record-High Pessimism


We’ll be reviewing the rest of the components included in the model portfolio in the next premium video.


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