Game of Trades

Welcome to Game of Trades, the nexus of global macro insights and evidence-based investment strategies.

Established in 2019, we are a global investment research firm with a mission to democratize institutional-quality investment research for all. We analyze major trends in the global economy and financial markets, translating complex trends into actionable investment strategies.

Our cornerstone is a multifaceted approach. We analyze macroeconomic trends using economic indicators, as well as signals from equity, bond, currency and credit markets. Our quantitative models create optimal asset allocations, with the aim of maximizing peak risk-adjusted returns. Our macro insights, quantitative methods, and technical analysis work together to formulate our investment strategy and asset allocation, ensuring that every decision is backed by the highest probability of success.

However, Game of Trades is not defined solely by our approach. It’s also about our philosophy: leveling the investment playing field. We believe that top-tier research should not be an elite commodity, but rather a universal tool. Our commitment is to bridge the divide and make evidence-based investment insights accessible to all.

Our team is a true reflection of our values. We’re deeply committed to the thoroughness of our research, always striving to comprehend underlying dynamics and fundamental reasons behind behaviors. While we operate on hypotheses, we seek to prove out our ideas through tangible evidence.

Join us. Explore our research, connect with our dedicated team, and let our insights guide your decisions. Together, let’s strive to master the game and always be one step ahead.

Our Team

Peter MassautCo-Founder

Peter discovered his passion for market dynamics while attending medical school at ULB, Brussels. His medical foundation instilled in him an appreciation for detailed analysis and evidence-based conclusions, which he transferred to securities trading.
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Edward Massaut, MDCo-Founder

Starting his professional career in medicine at ULB, Brussels, Edward’s trajectory took a turn when he discovered financial markets. This newfound passion led him to exchange his surgeon's gloves for financial charts.
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Vedant RathiResearch Analyst

Vedant Rathi is a Research Analyst at Game of Trades. He brings valuable experience and expertise in investment analysis to the team. With a background in finance and a special interest in digital assets, Vedant conducts in-depth research and contributes to the company's overall investment and social media strategy.
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