The SP500 Won’t Bottom Until This Happens. | This Time Is Not Different

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    Benjamin says:

    Great video. Seem you forgot to blur the contents of the new watchlist, or perhaps it was intentional.

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    Nick-L says:


    You keep using the Unemployment rate for a lot of the analysis. I really have to disagree with this thinking, not just from your point of view but also the Fed and Policy makers. In my opinion this time around I believe that unemployment will continue to stay low because we have lost so many working age adults due to the Covid pandemic. And a lot of those that lost jobs during the massive Covid layoffs have found gig work or other means of making an income and not showing up on the radar. I don’t think we have ever seen these 2 scenarios before. Can you take a deeper dive into this theory.

    Thanks for all your hard work

    Nick L.