Tapering + Omicron Stock Market Tantrum | Fear Brings Opportunity | Risk:reward is Improving.

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    BooTrade says:

    Could we see a similar situation in the 2018 period when interest rate raise from 2.25 to 2.5? Crude oil and tech sector was falling during the end of 2018. This time we are seeing fed wanting to taper and falling of crude oil due to new variant.

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    Tom says:

    Hi @GOT, can you please post link to your SPX trading view chart?

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    akumta says:

    @GOT awesome update like always.. I had cash on the sidelines .. started nibbling ..selling PUTS .. NVDA 250 21st Jan expiry, QCOM 140, RBLX 80, ABNB 150 🙂

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    Brett says:

    Peter are you calling 4495 the low in S&P
    We virtually touched your support line
    BTC at support
    Think there isn’t too much more of a correction

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    Hutch0321 says:

    I’m feeling bullish.

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    Maxrothira says:

    GOT, Please comment on BTC. Today’s candle broke the lower channel of your trendline.

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      Arkadiusz Lawniczak says:

      I have a feeling, that this might be Monday margin call

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    Scott McCoubrey says:

    I like the variety of charts and indicators you use, gives a lot of perspective. However, there are some like this volatility one that seem to indicate that this isn’t temporary as you suggested. The last time it broke above the trendline to where it is at current levels, it didn’t go back. Volatility went vertical. Just a bit too subjective to give proper context in a situation like this. Hard to read. Hope you’re right

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    Steven Noel says:

    I’m new to the crypto world and looking forward to hearing what just took place. My guess is the highly leveraged positions just got destroyed… like bankruptcy destroyed. Then again maybe this is normal?

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    Johnnypockets says:

    Hi Peter. Could really do with some guidance here. Waiting until Monday for a update will be tough.

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    Don Stricklin says:

    Well done as usual! Enjoy your analysis and common sense blend.