Surging Oil Prices Increases the Risk of a Recession | How Will Markets React?

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    MMM says:

    Hi Peter,

    It’s been a couple of weeks now that I no longer receive email-notifications regarding new posts!?

    Please fix this as soon as possible.

    Thank you in advance


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      Max Moosleitner says:

      same here!

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        John Barker says:


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          Brett says:

          I just went into a section of the site & re ticked, pls send me a notification

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          carredondo04 says:


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            Gold Finger says:

            Same, I’ve written with Diego a couple of times and the teams fixes it but it seems like it only last a few days or a week tops (until next update of webpage maybe?)

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      GOT says:

      I apologize for this, was not aware this was an issue for many members. I have sent all your profiles to the web dev team and asked them to look deeper into the underlying issue. Will keep you updated.

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    VMA_GOT says:

    Hello Peter! Thank you, such a great video! Looking forward to upcoming videos and articles to stay updated ” every step of the way”!

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    Mark Burkholder says:

    I also do not get email notifications of your posts.
    Please fix asap
    Thank you!

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    SURAJ783 says:

    @GOT Hi Peter, I am still not receiving any notifications on new post.

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    Jorge Norona says:

    I have not received any emails either. Thank you For your help.

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    I think that nobody receives the notification

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    SURAJ783 says:

    @GOT To help you with troubleshooting, when I tick all the boxes under the “Notification” tab and press “Save”, I get a msg “Error. Please try again later” next to the “Save” button.