SP500 Technicals Often Look Bad at Bottoms | 50 bps Hike is now Fully Priced In.

Here is today’s Youtube video!

This video is relatively superficial and looks at the short-term technical developments on the SP500. For a more in-depth analysis make sure to read our last stock market article highlighting the details of the bullish SP500 case.

Tune in this week for the following premium GOT content:

  • Overview of recent developments on Bitcoin (on-chain, technicals, sentiment, and inter-market)
  • Game of Trades Ratings Across Asset Classes
  • Treasury bonds, SP500 major sentiment signals and ARKK ETF update
  • Gold, Uranium, and Copper update




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  1. (4) 4
    Michael A Capannelli says:

    nice vid! Uranium update?

    1. (0) 0
      Farah Sarkis says:

      I second that

    2. (0) 0
      Alexandre Juvé Bori says:

      I think that Ukraine is spoiling his tesis, but wait! Powell is coming to the rescue he is going to announce 25p and is going to be creasy, latter in June and July is going to be clear that we peaked inflation and another boost. (Lool this is my most bullish outcome)

  2. (1) 1
    Erik Nemeth says:

    Another great analysis, thank you very much!

  3. (2) 2
    Rory Wallace says:

    Peter you are the voice of reason in a noisy space.. I’m really glad to be part of this community. Looking forward the rich spoils of the future…

  4. (7) 7
    Phillip says:

    Would appreciate a YouTube video on GoT’s bullish TLT call. The absolute max bear market scenario GoT gave was $123. TLT is now at $117.

  5. (1) 1
    catweazle says:

    Peter, you’ve been right most of the time in the last few months. But this time I wouldn’t really bet against a really massive market decline. We’ll see how it plays out, though I’m still hoping you’re right….

  6. (0) 0
    Alexandre Juvé Bori says:

    Right now it looks pretty bearish it’s breaking all supports. We’ll see I’m holding stocks but starting to fear that I’m going to hold them for a long time. Lool. And some cryptos too. Thank goodness that stocks and cryptos are my 10% of investments. (5% in gold)

    1. (0) 0
      Thomas Moens says:

      Now I wonder what the other 85% is.

  7. (-2) -2
    Chun Xien Kang says:

    Could the GOT team please reply to my email?

  8. (0) 0
    NK says:

    Hi Peter,
    I wanted to see what your opinion was on the fact that everything seems to be going down together (minus the 10 year). S&P, TLT, metals, crypto, etc. are all down. Seems like if everyone is sitting in cash and waiting for a signal. Given the available cash, I would imagine the rally in any of these rapid.


    1. (0) 0
      Loss Cat says:

      All these charts DO look the same. It\’s just measuring flows in and out of the market. It doesn\’t matter what it is. Once people start believing that cryptos are no longer an exponential asset, all these prices might get reset downwards.

  9. (0) 0
    VMA_GOT says:

    Hello Peter. Thank you for the video. In an upcoming Bitcoin update please include altcoins, you have considered earlier: ETH, AVAX, LUNA, SOL, ADA.
    And if that is possible, a while ago when you were talking about IWM you have also mentioned XBI. Please cover it too.

  10. (1) 1
    sidehustle14 says:

    Has anyone looked at the price action from October to December ’18?

    Incredibly similar pattern to what we’re seeing now in the S&P and I looked across the various macro indicators (02Y bonds, XLP/SPX, JNK / TLT, VIX etc.) and it was also a very similar macro context then too.

    If it plays out in a similar way it would suggest a bounce up from here to 4500 area, then a final nasty capitulation event before the melt-up then begins. We know history doesn’t repeat itself but perhaps it’s about to rhyme…

    1. (0) 0
      Timothy Lewman says:

      I\’ve been using that as my base case scenario, no one is talking about the asset sales which will remove credit from the economy, an economy that lives and dies by credit expansion. I have managed to side step a lot of the decline and even shorted the NASDAQ for a nice gain.

  11. (0) 0
    Loss Cat says:

    I think Powell is determined not to let stonks and cryptos launch again. So he will do the two expected 50 bpt hikes to get cred but wont actually crash the economy with the full program. He will use hawkish rhetoric to bat down the market when it starts to make a move up. Powell is fine with keeping the market down. He just doesnt want to wreck the economy.

  12. (0) 0
    Micha says:

    Hey GOT! What happened to the TLT/commodities updates?