No SP500 Bottom Has Occurred Without THIS Signal: The Rally is NOT Going to Stop Without Job Losses

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    Aleksey S says:

    Thank you! Nice insides into tomorrow 🙂

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    additionalgamma says:

    So they didn’t have a mention about slowing down. They said they were still behind and surprised that they are behind and the terminal rate is likely to go higher. I think that many people are losing confidence that they can or will get ahead of inflation because the .75 hikes are coming too slow and are not high enough. They really could do them larger and faster with employment staying so strong.

    What do you think about this youtube video post anouncement? Another thing is how do you explain XLY/XLP trending down? How about the divergence between transports and the Dow? It seems like this was just a run up into the Fed announcement or maybe CPI or Jobs data this week late. It seems like we will have one or two more of these run ups before people lose confidence in the Fed and we see a real drop in equities. The longer they hike but still lose to inflation the more they lose credibility in my opinion.