Momentum Has Flipped Bearish on the SP500. | This Rally Is About to SHAKE Out a Lot of Investors

Here is today’s Youtube video:

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    Benjamin says:

    Hi GOT.

    Why does it make sense to flip to a “log” chart of the 10 yr to show a breakdown of yields when you almost never look at log charts in your examples? Using the standard charts, the yields have clearly not made it down to support. The distinction between having not made support or blown through it seem significant enough to at the very least say “If you look at the ‘log’ chart, you’ll see the breakdown, etc.”

    Surely you have a reasoning. Hopefully my comment will be met by that reasoning.



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    chrisz says:

    bond market is predicting recession, that is why bond price can go up while stock goes down

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    Fab C says:

    Just to clarify that if the SP500 breaks the downward trendline as explained in this video, considering the future impact of the FED interest rates hikes, this would only be temporary and we would expect a downward trend pretty soon, early beginning of 2023, correct?
    When I look at the SP500 on weekly and the MA50 coming down on the MA200, it looks somehow very similar to what happened in 2008 before the black swan event…
    And considering the current position of the VIX and the high proportion of stock above the 50-day MA, it really looks tempting to be shorting the market right now…