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    Oponn says:

    Thanks for the insightful video – I’ve looked up the Reuters chart shared at the start and done an extensive back search on the internet – but I’ve only come up with people re-posting the same image.

    Can you share the source so I can have a look at the data myself and track it in real time?

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      GOT says:

      Thanks for the feedback! There is no specific data set to pull this metric from unfortunately. We digitized that chart from the various different thomson reuters charts that you’ll find online.
      In terms of analyzing the data on a longer time frame, that’s something that we’re not able to do (we would have of course done so had it been possible). In terms of the validity of the data, this is a metric that we’ve used many times in the past and that is generally trusted by reputable voices in finance.

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        Oponn says:

        Thanks that makes sense! I just initially found it odd that the source data couldn’t be found..