How Will the Recent COVID Surge Impact Stocks?

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    Alexandru Hanea says:

    Hi, I am from Germany and the statistic is not telling the whole truth…most of the peaople that are currently in hospital (and vaccinated), are above 80 (and they received the vacine a long time ago). There are almost no younger people below 80 that are vaccinated.

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      akumta says:

      @Alexandru that’s good hear. I am scheduling my booster shot anyways 🙂

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    Hutch0321 says:

    A perfect excuse is exactly right. It would not surprise me if we are in the early stages of a Whyckoff Event.

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    canuckinoz says:

    Thanks for this update. Your explanations are so simple to understand. This subscription is the best money spent!

    Will there be a crypto update?

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      GOT says:

      Thank you, glad to hear it!
      Yes crypto update is work-in-progress! Should be posted this weekend or on Monday.

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    Marc De Jong says:

    @GOT: Don’t you think a steep uprise of covid cases in the US will cause a lot of panic and a big sell-off like we’ve seen last year? Esp if some states are imposing new lock-downs, which automatically will have a negative effect on company earnings… It all depends on that imo.

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    Hivaga says:

    They might delay the tapering also they might want the inflation to rise even more so that government debt is devaluated.
    Question is are we talking here in months until monetary tightening or more likely end of 2022 ?

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    jacktrade2323 says:

    @GOT, i’m sure you are following this: TLT/JNK broke back above a major horizontal resistance line, similar to the 2020 crash, which started in my opinion on february 25, 2020. the omicron uncertainty has just begun. observering the trading seasons ahead is going to be a thriller. risk on or risk off?

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    TradeMarket2 says:

    Hello from ISRAEL

    I’m want to ask about IWM few days ago you said that its good opportunity of BUY and it is strong down. what you think happened with it? still worth to hold? thank you!!!