Dow to Gold Bull Trap Playing Out | Market Recovery is Strong

Here is today’s Youtube video:


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    Michael W says:

    Why go to overrated schools when you can learn from @GOT . Thanks Peter!

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    TMABG says:

    Is it OK to hold on to Gold now or convert to equities for the immediate short term? Your guidance is appreciated

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      Not a day trader says:

      Agree. GLD has been seemingly perfectly inversely correlated with SPY. My allocation in GLD is definitely tampering down the volatility of my portfolio but finding that sweet spot of allocation seems to be determined by which side of the fence you are regarding the overall market future. GOT….thought on aggressive vs moderate vs conservative GLD allocation?

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    Weston Saunders says:

    Hi Peter, quick question. What is the best way to get into investing with Gold. Do you recommend buying physical gold or buying gold ETFs?

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    Shishir Sethiya says:

    Any reason you are looking at logarithmic scale vs linear scale than usual when comparing DJI/GOLD ? What factors decide which scale to use ?