Bitcoin Correction Playing Out | Will the Equity Markets Drive the Recovery?

Here is today’s Youtube video:


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    LB_NYC says:

    Thanks for sharing, like always love your analysis.

    Lot of short term holders/traders of bitcoin have moved to the ETF”s, ETF’s volumes are high… How do you see that impacting your analysis?

    Also I feel that we as market participants are overlooking how sticky inflation can be (Wage, rent and oil), wrote a post on that…
    How Companies Should Respond To The Wage Inflation Situation – Feedback is welcome

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      Gold Finger says:

      @LB_NYC Don’t the ETF’s have to buy the underlying assets? In this case BTC so if you buy into the ETF then the ETF will have to buy BTC which will show up on the charts Peter is showing.

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        LB_NYC says:

        Yes in most cases long ETF’s buy to hedge, But BITO fund principally invests in Bitcoin futures contracts rather than the coin itself. Futures contracts are standardized agreements between two parties to buy or sell the underlying asset – in this case, Bitcoins – at a predetermined date and price, allowing investors to speculate on the future price of an asset

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          LB_NYC says:

          More like a CDS:)

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    Good assets must be sold to cover losses in a major market down turn.

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    John Moore says:

    looks like this footage was recorded friday?

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      GOT says:

      Yes, part of the video was filmed last week however the content and convictions are the same.

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    ibpilot1964 says:

    Even if the FED raises rates by 25 basis points 10 TIMES this year it is still only 2.5%…nowhere NEAR the rate of inflation.

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    Maxrothira says:

    Peter, can you please explain your statement that 6-7 rate hike will not happen? How many do you think?

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      GOT says:

      The bond market has already significantly tightened the market (yield curve flattening aggressively), by the time the FED really begins the hiking cycle we’ll already likely be seeing weakening economic data because of this. They will very likely need to back off from tightening quite quickly. Hope this answers your question!

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        Maxrothira says:

        Yes. Thank you.
        Concerning oil, how can you tell when the price action confirms the downtrend that the technicals are indicating?

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        Hutch0321 says:

        Probably right

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    LB_NYC says:

    Putin Orders Military Into Eastern Ukraine, Blames NATO Threat – risk off for now

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    Amardeep Chawla says:

    I joined this 2 days ago and I didn’t see any new video since then. As you finished with your bullish case, I will appreciate if you help members with more frequent updates in this crash among geopolitical risks. I was hoping to get more with membership as compared to seeing youtube videos

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      GOT says:

      A video will be posted before market open.

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    Mitchell Price says:

    Could we please be updated with new videos. Thanks

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    LB_NYC says:

    One cannot predict how geo-political events will play out, risk management is important.

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    HCL says:

    I think you have to admit that the bull run has ended and all supports are broken.