Bitcoin Bullish Signals | Capitulated Market With NO Sellers…| 2013 Comparisons

Here is an early post of today’s Youtube video:


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    additionalgamma says:

    Thank you for the early post Peter. Hopefully the Om Covid news was the last shakeout move but there could be one more wick down to 48 but this should be it. With the Singapore BTC spot ETF’s coming online this week watch for more moves like Sunday 4:30 Eastern US time as that market opens to those ETF’s for Asian high net worth clients. Secretly many want Plan B to be right but it would have to be a crazy week or two 🙂 $MSTR options are nicely priced right now for a limited time. That’s our USA spot ETF for BTC.

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    Bankman says:

    Hi Peter, what’s your opinion on BTC dominance? Is thesis on 48%-52% dominance still intact? What about on ETH/BTC pair? 0,05 ratio still in books?

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      Daniel Romanin says:

      Also keen on this one Peter. Great video also!

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      GOT says:

      Yes, based on Bitcoin’s on-chain data, it is ready to start rallying into price discovery. This should push the dominance higher. The next few weeks should be very interesting. However, a breakdown in the dominance could be a worrying development (showing lack of conviction in a BTC breakout). We’ll be watching this closely.

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        GOT says:


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    StevenTechlin says:

    Man, my large deposit won’t be available for purchasing more crypto until Thursday 🙁

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    BooTrade says:

    Great and awesome sharing! Really enjoy your Marco economic knowledge.

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    anis.dagher says:

    Amazingg! Take a look at the total market cap, beautiful 4H divergence breakout incomingg, wish I can attach an imagine here, lets see

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    MickeyD says:

    New here do the guys at GoT respond to posts? Still looking for the extra value to pay to be a member less than the trading room.

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      GOT says:

      We try to respond to as many comments as possible! The extra value in the pro and crypto memberships lie in the research and convictions we provide.
      For example, the “ratings across asset classes” should be posted today and will provide our convictions on all time frames across assets and sectors (with the reasons behind the convictions).
      If you wish to make chart requests, ask us specific questions or share your trade ideas with the community, then the trading room is perhaps the better membership!

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        GOT says:


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    BBindelay says:

    Hey Peter

    I haven’t heard back on the 30% discount for existing members 🙁

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      GOT says:

      Yes, I’m working with the development team to put it in place as soon as possible. You will be getting an email once it’s ready! (I’ll also be mentioning it in premium posts AND on the dashboard under “My Account”).

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        GOT says:


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          BBindelay says:

          Thank you Peter!

          Will be waiting for you and then upgrade to the annual subscription

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    John Moore says:

    I went to use the coupon code to upgrade to annual and it said “This coupon has expired.”

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      GOT says:

      We sent out an email to existing members regarding an upcoming 30% discount, we’ll be notifying you as soon as it’s ready! If you have any other questions, make sure to contact our customer support team:

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    Kumar Kumar says:

    I didn’t received any notifications for this video

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      GOT says:

      Have you turned on your notifications under “My account” ?

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        GOT says:

        @Kumar Kumar

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    additionalgamma says:

    Would love to see a Eth/BTC chart analysis. Some think this is a must watch signal Peter. I’ve just started to look at it. Once gas fees go on Eth then it will be interesting how it runs against BTC and changes the landscape of BTC dominance.

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      Abraham Zayas says:

      Yes that would be a great analysis

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    mike says:

    Dear Peter – exciting stuff thank you – thinking about 10y yealds tumbling, are about generating short signals, cliff hanging…
    My question is about, considerating correlation yields and crypto – at what levels you see break in yealds considerable for the crypto year end party?
    best reg. Mike

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    sebastianerdt says:

    Very interesting: Take a look at the chart of BTC on 02 October 2013. There was a similar very weak day around the 200-day average in the chart and shortly afterwards the enormous price increase started. This also fits the current phase in which we are according to Peter’s video.