Why This is Not a Bear Market Rally. | A Massive SP500 Move is Coming as Shorts Get Squeezed

Here is today’s youtube video:

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    additionalgamma says:

    Very interesting call Peter. I like this information because it is contrary to many people\’s beliefs. The start of this was a short squeeze. Many are purchasing puts for good reason at resistance but the plunge patrol team has a different plan. Look at NVDA, loss of 20% in revenue but they beat their WS estimated revenue by a fraction. Their profit was off the estimate and they lost half their main line of business in gaming. They also lost Eth crypto mining. They are using cash to buy back shares making them look better than they are. They are overvalued by double right now. So Peter is correct that someone is believing the stock market should go higher. The evidence that the railroad unions are going on strike because 24% increase in wages wan\’t enough. So inflation is going to come down? Once they shut down commerce, they will likely get 29% plus the $16,000 bonus they\’ve already won. While Wall Street can pump the market up to get to year end with massive purchases of short dated Apple Calls like yesterday, they can not stop the eventual outcome, only make it worse. The Maverick of Wall Street on YouTube describes it best in Fighting the Fed Bullard vs. Bulls. So I believe GOT\’s call is likely correct until December and bonuses are paid for Wall Street. At that point the Fed will crush the markets with higher rate hikes or give up because it will crush the US system of financing debt and inflation will rage until 25% of people lose their jobs and their credit cards are shut off. The back end of this pandemic is likely to be a terrible end to older peoples lives and a crushing blow to the young just starting out. So don\’t buy short dated puts right now, let this train wreck happen.