Why the Markets Crashed in 2018 | FOMC Notes From 2018 Case Study

Here is an early post of today’s Youtube video:


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    Maxrothira says:

    Hi Peter, thank you for the video.
    Question: If one of the effects of raising the Fed funds rate is to raise US treasury interest rates, why would US treasury rates curling back down let the Fed change to more dovish?

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    dougYPK says:

    @GOT check the youtube comments for this video, there’s a fake account pretending to be you called ♜ Pìnned by Game of Trades

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      Joseph Chiechi says:

      Those comments are spammed across every financial channel. I don’t think there is anything they can do.

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    Joseph Chiechi says:

    Hey Peter, thanks for everything you do. You really saved my butt with the emergency episode regarding the invasion plunge. 3 quick questions.
    1) Do you think there will be a retrace/better opportunity to buy gold before it really takes off?
    2) what will the market consider hawkish/dovish coming out the March meeting?
    3) what will we look for from the fed as far as it concerns gold?

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    FoolishAnalyst says:

    $BABA delivering yet another sickening blow, getting painful to look at 🤦‍♂️

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    jackgr says:

    @GOT are you still bearish on oil?

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    Kenneth Lindbjerg Sperling says:

    I bought Dax, but it seems to just Fall. Where is support? Thanks.

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    alkauppi says:

    If CPI comes out hot >8% next week, Fed cannot probably stick to what they just communicated this week i.e. 0.25 raise only, despite the slowdown and Ukraine situation. The 10th next week will be quite an important day don’t you think?

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    Aarav Shah says:

    What is your say about the Jobs data? it was very good will that make them go hawkish?