Why the 2022 Correction is Completely Different to What Happened in 2000 and 2008

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    paul bury says:

    SNAP, WMT and TGT all warning of lower earnings estimates in the coming quarter due to rising inflation, interest rates, supply chain shortages, and labor disruptions. Since these include earnings I would assume this would cause the other shoe to drop, resulting in a further decline in stock prices.

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    The Oracle says:

    Excellent post Peter as usual.
    My two cents is that the recent pull back in the market isn’t so much just a discounting of future cash flows due to higher interest rates.
    There have been quite a few big name corporations that have either posted disappointing earnings, or given what the market perceived as negative forward guidance. We’ve seen big sell offs in Amazon, Google, Facebook, Walmart, Target, Snap etc. The combined story of these quarterly results was to get people saying the R word, and to predict that the E in PE would contract or at least not meet growth projections. So for my two cents, the recent sell off was fueled by some bad quarterly reports and an avalanche of media talking about a pending recession. And of course the end of buy the dip as a trading strategy.

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    Erik Nemeth says:

    I would say since some time this is the best video I have seen on GoT. Thanks.

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    MMM says:

    Hi Peter,

    Great content including fundamental input!

    Much appreciated 🙂