What We Are Looking at to Anticipate the Next Bear Market…

Here is an early post of tomorrow’s Youtube video:


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    Not a day trader says:

    Great video as usual.

    I would greatly appreciate a discussion regarding which bond types (if any) would be part of a reasonable risk off move if things shape up as you are predicting? TIPS?


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    Timothy Singleton says:

    A dollar update would be fantastic!

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    canuckinoz says:

    Love the simplicity of your explanations and the opportunity to view the youtube videos before the general public!

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    Hutch0321 says:

    Anticipating the possibilities for the potential future market outcomes helps to put the present in focus.

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    Alexandre Juvé Bori says:

    I think that they are on vacations, then until Tuesday we won’t have any interesting updates. Am I correct?

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      Jairo Jr. Rangel R says:

      Of course!!!

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    adzovica says:

    Dear Peter, Tanks for great content, as usual. I do have two suggestions: a) could you adjust videos by taking out your “#1 channel…” and requests to like the video for your members? We could get to the point quicker & we are already sold 🙂 and b) any chance to that you make such videos available earlier than they are for public. Think we deserve it, as your members. Cheers and keep doing great job!

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    jackgr says:

    Oil and gas have been on a tear the last few weeks. Are you still Barish on them, and expecting them to roll over soon?

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    Jawdy says:

    GOT and Peter it’s a little confusing that you talk about how massive the next downturn is going to be and then compare it to the period of the 1930s. I’m pretty sure the stock market crashed severely just before that which would make sense with what you’re saying about a massive downturn and at that time the yield curve was inverted. Therefore I’m wondering if an inversion of the yield curve is going to lead to the next massive downturn as well and will continue to have recessions for the following 10 years.

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    TipsyCrow says:

    Thank you for your work input to keep us all informed while you have been out of the office on a much deserved vacation 🙏

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    Chandan Gupta says:


    Can you explain all the points in this latest zerohedge update.