We Are About to See a Lot of Pain on the SP500. | Too Many Investors Watching this Level For Shorts

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    additionalgamma says:

    I agree. Many people will join in the cheering when the Fed does a .5 raise, they will rejoice and buy into the worst is over narrative. All the experts on CNBC telling you that corporate bonds are a great deal right now (so they can offload them on innocent investors). I personally recommend Carnival Cruise Lines bonds, because you may own a cruise ship when it defaults… The best bet is to let that run up into year end help you build into your shorts. When the SPR has to be refilled and the Chinese reopen gas/oil will shoot up and a second run up in CPI four months later with $6 gas and $7 diesel will make for a great shorting opportunity next year. This will be a long painful 2023 for many people. The only thing that might ruin this prediction of GOT would be the railroad unions that don’t play along with Wall Street, but hopefully the current leadership of the country can get them to sign for 32% raise… Thank you for the details and the original call that could be correct. I like to compare your calls to the larger picture people at Ciovacco Capital on YouTube that give a great overview of the bigger picture too but don’t make a call only the odds compared to other market times that look similar. In the end this pandemic probably won’t look like any other time and will likely be much worse eventually, but maybe all that money running around will save us a drop.