This is Only Just the Beginning: This Chain of Events Led to the 2008 Financial Crisis

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    Veejay Mali says:

    I think the Fed will persuade the FASB to change the Mark to Market rule which creates unnecessary contagion, that should resolve the current banking crisis.

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    Rhys Kennedy says:

    Do you think the fed easing their balance sheet recently is their way of trying to save the banks? It seems of late that the markets are showing strength whenever there are signs of fed pause or easing. My question would be. Have you takin into account what the markets may do when combining these two points I have made? As the easing of the balace sheet is effectively injecting cash into the economy.

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    David Lukaszewicz says:

    Could someone please tell me where on this site I can find the chart for the 10-year treasury yield less the federal funds rate (pushed forward by 12 months)? It was refered to in this video. Thank you.