The Relationship Bitcoin has With the FED and Tech | Coming Out of Fear and Into Optimism

Here is an early post of today’s Youtube video:


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    Steve says:

    Hi Peter. If the Fed “back tracks” on tightening after such a strong hawkish narrative, won’t they lose too much credibility? The Fed would be showing the market that they have no control and their words are meaningless, building the case that they are irrelevant. Or is that your point?

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    Chan Kok Yu says:

    Hi Peter, does all that you have been talking about Bitcoin also apply to Ethereum ? I presume ETH and BTC are closely correlated?

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      Grant Horwood says:

      Bitcoin is the index for the Crypto market so in general when Bitcoin is bullish, all crypto is bullish (or at least the top 20 crypto by market cap). ETH moves with Bitcoin but just slightly higher percentage gains and pullbacks.