The Pendulum of Investor Psychology is a Powerful Tool to Outperform in the Long Run.

Here is today’s Youtube video.

Tune in this week for an in-depth article focused on:

  • the current market technicals (key levels and developments to watch)
  • what junk bonds are currently telling us about market health
  • Some key inter-market signals hinting at what’s in store for the next few weeks.
  • Projections of upside potential on the SP500 and drawdown risk (risk/reward analysis







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  1. (10) 10
    Samonita Kayden says:

    Hi Peter, would like to know if you can make an article to update your views on the long-term macro environment, like the previous article named “Investment Thesis” (dated Oct 7 2021) and the previous premium video named “Private and Public Debt | Massive Economic Boom or Crisis? | Why Gold and Bitcoin Will Win” (dated 1 August 2021)? Given so many recent changes, I’d be grateful to know do you still think we are entering a decade of low inflation/deflation (with economic depression), or increasingly like the case Ray Dalio has put forward: hyperinflation (with economic stagflation)?

    1. (2) 2
      GOT says:

      Absolutely. We’ll be posting various pieces on the long-term outlook for the financial markets and the economy over the next few weeks.

  2. (0) 0
    Daniel De Soto says:

    Thanks, please also highlight historic rally’s during a recession.

  3. (0) 0
    Hutch0321 says:

    Purchased WANT on your the previous analysis so far outperformed. The last FOMC meeting lead to a massive rally.

    1. (0) 0
      GOT says:

      While purchasing leveraged ETFs can lead to outsized returns, they also carry a lot more risk. Our research aims to provide calls/convictions that are statistically likely to lead to outperformance and this applies to the actual ETF, not leveraged instruments. In order to be successful with leveraged ETFs, one needs to be tough and unemotional enough to withstand any unexpected volatility.

      1. (2) 2
        Zxbdn Jehrrh says:

        Statistically likely?? The statistics on GOT’s calls so far this year have been nothing short of disastrous. Calling for the bottom for BTC at 34-36k, TLT at 123, SPY/QQQ/XLK to not drop below the Feb low, and even saying the Fed “does not want to tighten into a recession regardless of inflation”:

        Powell has gone on record to say that his no. 1 priority is inflation, even if it risks recession. I urge all subscribers to scrutinze Peter’s articles and videos over the past 6 months and see for yourselves how his calls have played out.

  4. (0) 0
    Hutch0321 says:

    Definitely a roller coaster ride. You absolutely must remind yourself of the risk and look to get out on run ups.

    1. (0) 0
      GOT says:

      Hello Donald. In our latest article, we review some techniques for improving entries and exits:

  5. (0) 0
    Hutch0321 says:

    Not looking for perfection just valid analysis. I’d say that has been 100%.