The Impact of the Macro Environment on Bitcoin | Is the Bull Run Damaged?

Here is an early post of today’s Youtube video:


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    Maxrothira says:

    Thanks, @GOT. Great video.
    So have you switched your short term outlook from “HOLD” to “MASSIVE BUYING OPPORTUNITY?”
    Someone mentioned they did not get email updated for new posts… I did not either.

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      joelzaldivar88 says:

      I didn’t get this notification either. I got it through chrome, weird

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      GOT says:

      @Justin Froula
      It’s beginning to look a lot more like a unique buying opportunity for Bitcoin. Depending on where yields go, a final dip is not out of the question.
      Regarding email notifications, it does seem the site is having some issues distributing the notifications, I’m currently looking into this with the website developers.

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    Hutch0321 says:

    Do we know if the Whale population has grown?

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      GOT says:

      The number of whales and the supply held by whales is staying relatively stable right now @Hutch0321

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        Hutch0321 says:

        Do we have a measurement for the median number of BTC held by Whales compared to the MACD? Wondering if there are other ways to measure hoarding by Whales.

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    Stephon Henry-Rerrie says:

    Is it possible that the correlation could be broken between the ten year yield and BTC? I’m thinking that yields should rise because the fed is going to start tapering and possible rate hikes to stave off inflation but could that be bad for risk assets because real yields will go up?

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      GOT says:

      You’re correct, eventually, the correlation breaks as it did back in 2018 when quantitative tightening began. I don’t believe we’re at that stage of the cycle, tapering is NOT tightening so the process has not begun yet.

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        GOT says:

        @Stephon Henry-Rerrie

      2. (2) 2
        Stephon Henry-Rerrie says:

        I see what you’re saying. You can have a rate sell off because of either tapering (since the Fed is not buying AS much) and/or an actual tightening in monetary conditions due to the fed raising rates during their meetings. They are going to start tapering before they actually tighten which means that risk assets still have some more room to run. Once we start tightening in say mid 2022 (depends on inflation readings and Powell’s hawkishness), we can see some blood in the streets. Thanks man

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    Mujeeb Afzal says:

    Thank you,
    Please make a video on impact of Chinese Evergrande default on markets especially crypto.

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    Nibha Saxena says:

    i didnt see any change in short term ratings and didnt get any notification either. Thanks

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      GOT says:

      The ratings dashboard was updated on the 1st of December is updated on a bi-weekly basis (will be updated this week). We’re currently working on the notification issue!

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        Maxrothira says:

        Thank you for the many replies to posts!
        One more question: The ratings dashboard has been updated (for bitcoin at least. “Weak buy” is now for short term). But is still says: “UPDATED: 11/18/21” for both macro and crypto.
        Thanks again.

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    Johnnypockets says:

    Hi Peter, could really do with short term picture on bitcoin for an entry now. Looking to get back in with good r/r. Thanks in advance

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    SteveF says:

    I would love to have a post with live charts of the short term sentiment indicators, given how rapidly the market is changing right now, I would like to have a single post to check the live sentiment

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    Terrence Wells says:

    Hi Peter Great Video and love your content!

    Apologies to reach out here
    unfortunately im not sure whether my messages are being sent through to admin but
    It looks like ive been charged for 2 memberships under my email address.

    Please let me know the best way to contact you so we can sort this out. I only need 1 membership 😂😂

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    David R says:

    Not perfectly correlated to the 10y. There were times of great divergence. Even recently when the correlation was closer. Overall it is, but at times is very correlated, other times kind of and sometimes one plays catch up to the other.

    Caution reading too much into any one move as being caused by the correlation.

    Richly valued growth stocks have been hammered lately and WCLD has loosely tracked ETH. Since crypto is a risk on asset, could it be that it was the last high beta domino to fall than specifically the 10y?

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    siijaz23 says:

    @ GOT I received a notification beginning of December saying GOT cancelled my automatic payment for my membership even though I didn’t request a cancellation. I sent a notification to the team saying I didn’t request this but never heard back and now I can’t access the content on the site.