Technicals Suggest the SP500 is at a Pivotal Moment For Short-Term Performance

Here is today’s Youtube video!

Tune in this weekend for an article updating the recent key developments we’ve seen on the market:

  • Technical update
    • Individual index components
    • XLP/SPX pivotal posture
  • Current investor sentiment
  • Recent developments on the 2-year yield and the market’s anticipation of fed policy


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    Hsin Yu Chiang says:

    In the video you mentioned now it’s a pivotal moment for the S&P to break out of the inverse head and shoulder for the bull case to develop. And you referenced the 2010 false break down head and shoulder pattern. But in 2010 the price came back and closed below the neckline to form a higher low before it started to take off. So isn’t it also a likely scenario that the price may come back down to test the low before heading higher ?

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    Sudheer Molugu says:

    I agree. It may happen and we should be prepared to buy more and not panic ?? My hope is that oil prices will come down and the market sentiment may reverse into buying spree. What may cause oil prices to tumble?? May be another varient of covid or Putin withdrawing troops ?? Or all countries going into oil production ?? What about Petro dolla? Hahaha too much going on.