SP500 is Following the Footsteps of 2008 and 2001 | Margin Debt Is Now Contracting.

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    additionalgamma says:

    I have questions that popped into my head during the video. Why did margin debt go down? If people believe the worst is over and everything will get better or have a soft landing why are they not leveraging up to buy what they would consider cheap stocks? Are you counting the record number of calls and puts as leverage? Are derivatives leverage? Maybe they moved from standard broker margin to derivatives? Do we think Tesla biggest shareholder was experiencing margin calls last month? He said he wasn\’t going to sell anymore stock but the real question is what loan terms did he get to buy Twitter. If he can\’t pay the rent on the building is he really in a good position? They sued him this week for non payment of rent on San Francisco headquarters. The real question is Morgan Stanley and others selling Tesla stock to hedge the loans made to Musk? I watched a man on Discord tell how he was liquidated because he just never thought TSLA could go that low. If Apple drops we will see this in a larger context. My final big question is about the FED. All the money they printed for Covid, GFC and new Congressional spending bills that they are now just trying to suck out of the market.. Is that kind of like margin? Remove the liquidity or face really sticky growing inflation. Is this not like the mother of all margin calls?

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    Dana Anderson says:

    It would be great if you would put the m2 money supply in a next video. You did your post sometime ago on this and other recessionary signals. Can you do a follow up on that?