SP500 Corrects Over 10% | Is a Large Recovery Rally Within the Cards for February?

Here is an early post of tomorrow’s Youtube video:


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    canuckinoz says:

    Thanks for the update and early preview!

    Would a Russian incursion into the Ukraine tank (pun intended) the markets?

    1. (9) 9
      Alexander Vasilyev says:

      Hardly a Russian invasion into Ukraine is going to happen because starting a war during winter will result in much bigger expenditures and bigger losses of personnel due to cold weather (especially during the Covid pandemic). I’m telling you as a Russian. And of course, we, people of Russia, don’t want to attack Ukrainians or any other white peoples, only our corrupt government wants.

      1. (0) 0
        Cristal says:

        @Alexander Vasilyev As a european, i am happy to hear this. My main fear the last few weeks is what would happen to the markets and bitcoin if war would break out. Usually i am not very impressed with statements from political leaders, now it seems that there is no elegant way out for either side. So a mis communication or a mistake could trigger an unintended war. A different view could be, where better to store your wealth than online?

        1. (0) 0
          Luke P says:

          Russia has 100,000 troops near the border but the Ukrainian military is 280,000. I personally like to keep this in mind to make me feel better about it all regarding Russia’s intentions.

          1. (1) 1
            Curtis James says:

            Who has better weaponry and tactics. I don’t think the size of your army matters as much as it used to

      2. (0) 0
        laffer says:

        Hi Alexander

        What is the status from our Russian friend, most of europe news full of fear of a near term war now.
        Hope it is ok for asking.

  2. (3) 3
    Hutch0321 says:

    Feeling bullish just added 20% more crypto

  3. (4) 4
    MMM says:

    Hi Peter,

    Keep up your courage even if you are sometimes criticized.

    It is worth much more having a stringent approach as opposed to going with the flow without thinking about it.

    The move down in SPX from 4800 to 4400 was great … while GS were calling out 5000 in the near term.

    Great work!


  4. (0) 0
    Marc De Jong says:

    Still find it strange that biotech (XBI), a risk-on asset like the Nasdaq and S&P500, took a beating (more or less from feb 2020) while the broader market ripped. Where do you see XBI bottoming?

    1. (0) 0
      Marc De Jong says:

      I meant from feb 2021 of course. 😉

    2. (0) 0
      GOT says:

      XBI and ARK have similar patterns of price action. They both dropped 50% off their highs and are well overdue for a significant counter-trend rally. Once the broad market bottoms, we should see these indices perform exceptionally well (Although very doubtful they get back to their all time highs any time soon).

  5. (1) 1
    CaptainSlow says:

    Thanks Peter.
    Fear leads to greed.
    Positioning and patience leads to profits.

  6. (0) 0
    gotaspade says:

    I’m ready for a move up now!

  7. (0) 0
    Lincoln McGinnis says:

    Thank you for this video and your expert analysis. I’m not a professional trader, but I have started making money since subscribing to your service. I am grateful for all that I’m learning as I watch your videos and study your content.

  8. (0) 0
    Gregory Bellowe says:

    Hi Peter, thank you so much for this video. And all your videos, which are always very insightful. In the event of a successful retest, do you still think it is probable to see the SPY reaching for a new high, considering that we are closer to a possible move up in rate in March?


  9. (1) 1
    Florian Gerl says:

    I like the video but I don’t understand why you say you’ve been bearish over the last months when in reality you were always really bullish in every video and analysis? Did I just hear what I wanted to hear? I’m confused…

    1. (0) 0
      GOT says:

      Absolutely, and we remain bullish for the next few weeks/months of trading.
      However we did discuss the significant divergence between the price and breadth/divergence which was developing on the markets throughout the end of 2021.
      These divergences have played out and should soon lead to a significant bottom.

  10. (2) 2
    John Moore says:

    looks like spx has just broken down through the top of that post GFC price channel you often draw. what are your thoughts about it?

    1. (0) 0
      GOT says:

      Great spot. Broke it on the daily but the weekly closes matter more with long term price channels like this. We should see weekly closed above the price channel from now on (significant buying opportunity)

      1. (0) 0
        Brett says:

        I think you are away, could we have a brief update on S&P
        Must be getting very oversold now we’ve touched 4220
        Big drop from 4820 & has broken support