Negative Real Yields Lead to Bear Markets | VIX Rejecting Off Resistance (Risk/Reward Getting Better)

Here is today’s Youtube video!

Tune in for an update on the most recent equity market developments later today.

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    Timothy Stevenson says:

    Hey Peter! I’m hoping to see a nice gain on a swing trade on ARKK in the coming months based on the thesis of further upside before the start of the bear market. So far, I am really liking the wealth of information on your site and plan on continuing my membership once the free trial runs out. Thanks!

  2. (1) 1
    Frank Lakinski says:

    @GOT can you please provide an update on your bullish thesis on ARKK? It has been crushed lately and severely lagging the NASDAQ despite today’s rally. I understand this is partly due TDOC’s terrible earnings. Would appreciate your thoughts!

  3. (0) 0
    Phillip says:

    Sounds like GOT sentiment has changed from S&P going to 5000+, to S&P maybe returning to all time highs if we are lucky?

  4. (2) 2
    Maxrothira says:

    I don’t hear Peter taking about a blow off top anymore. My faith that we will get to 5000+ is starting to weaken.
    I much prefer QLD (2x Nasdaq 100) to ARKK. Not that I am currently in either, but have owned both in the past. Just compare QLD to ARKK since inception. SP500 and BTC for me at the moment. Trying to ride through volatility until we get up a bit higher and Peter suggests diversifying.