Nasdaq100 Breadth Getting Extremely Oversold | How the Markets Typically Behave After Invasions

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    MMM says:

    Hi Peter,

    2 updates in one day … that is greatly appreciated … and absolutely necessary!

    Please let us know your thoughts on the European stock-market, especially on the German DAX! You should cover this market more frequently … just like EEM.

    Thank you in advance and all the best


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    Michael Finn says:

    Hello, you stated that if the Fed were to say that they see a slowdown in leading economic indicators then that may trigger a large move out of cash and into equities. I’m not sure I understand. Wouldn’t that be a sign of a potential recession and bear market ahead and scare people away from the markets? Any clarification would be much appreciated.

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      PratN says:

      Hes referring to raising yields that are self tightening the economy. When Fed tries to raise many times, mid way they could realize that self-tightening is already causing contraction in economic growth and thereby they might hold off on further hikes or even reverse them. Thats good for equities. Thats exactly what happened in 2018

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    Kenneth Lindbjerg Sperling says:

    It’s the same video twice, right?

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    SURAJ783 says:


    Nice video Peter, also thanks for highlighting my comment on this video. (cool)
    But on a serious note, you really need to improve the visual clarity on your last 2 videos.
    I can barely make out the numbers on your charts. It is a shame to have such great content with such bad visuals.

    Am I the only one experiencing this or are other members here finding the video difficult to view?

    Renewing my sub today. Thanks!

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    carredondo04 says:

    I agree that there are not any signs of an economic recession. Leading economic indicators are strong like the GDP number today. What? We had 7% GDP in Q4 QoQ despite 7.5% inflation and a ‘NET’ job loss every month since the pandemic. I specify NET because no one ever does the simple math and calculate weekly first time unemployment claims compared to monthly job creation. It has been a net loss since the pandemic. How is this producing a recovering economy? I am definitely not attacking you or GOT, I’m just saying when you dig into it a little deeper it is alot worse then it looks on the surface.

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    Andri says:

    6:48 – Bullish*

    Awesome video as always and frequent updates in volatile times are so much appreciated!