Major Set Up on the SP500 is Triggered For the 4th Time in 2022 | This is Different to Previous Ones

Here is an early post of today’s Youtube video.

Tune in tomorrow for our recap on the Fed meeting on why this FOMC may be completely different from the previous ones.




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    additionalgamma says:

    Thank you GOT. I drew this and for some reason I don’t get the breakdown on my chart of the 10Y. It would help if you put a link to your tradingview chart as you have in the past. That way we can double check if we drew ours off of some other data or setup. My belief is the more days that pass and people get a chance to see that the FED does not understand why they are behind, the 10 Year will continue to go up. We could go up to 7 or 8% if he keeps being sheepish about getting ahead of the inflation monster that he and our congressional leaders unleashed with all this money. If you listened to Sam Zell this morning on CNBC he said that it is just too hard to know what is going to happen here because the moves were so wild during the pandemic. Sam said he’s mostly in cash. I too believe we are about to see things we never thought of before because we haven’t had this wild situation before. I also think that it is in the US best interest to push rates up and destabilize China and Russia at this moment in time. If China leaders are going to keep zero C for 4 more months, inflation will not be tamed for another 6 months worldwide. A one week shutdown of Apple’s factory is no issue, but for political reasons don’t be surprised that TSLA and Apple get 2 then 4 week shut downs that could go a couple months. Tesla did just fly their key engineers from China to California to get ahead on production issues…If you buy that.

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      MOK says:

      I noticed this as well.
      I believe they are using logarithmic view here, it’s not something I do for charts that are valued by % ranges, I usually only use it for perpetual price increasing assets over longer time periods.
      Though I note that using log on up trends, the trend line breaks are earlier than if not using it, so it can be a leading indicator for trend reversals or consolidation forming. The opposite is is true for down trendlines where as not using log view gives earlier indications of trend changes or consolidation in the making.
      IMO I think the markets will have at least a short term bounce by next week, but I’ll be looking for new shorting opportunities until proven wrong.
      The Goldman Sacks AI bots are heavy buying the dip ATM, so I wouldn’t bet against them in the short term.

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      Palmer says:

      I second the idea of links to tradingview… esp as a paid for feature of being a subscriber. Links to the views would be super helpful.

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      Palmer says:

      Also, he’s on the day interval… you can see the breakdown and retest there. TV often defaults to hourly.

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    Palmer says:

    On last point. The two year and the 30 year yields don’t look like a breakdown and retest, fwiw. Those still seem to be uptrending after bouncing of trend support. However, both their RSIs seem to be showing weakness as well.

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    Ben Frost says:

    Peter, it would be fantastic if you could link to your charts in Trading View. Also I believe you used to have the interactive charts that had a playback button, this would be great to see again.