Junk Bonds are Oversold and Their Recovery Could Fuel Strong Stock Market Performance | Money Managers are Fearful

Here is an early post of today’s Youtube video:

Backtest of NAAIM Exposure Index. Red dots show every time the index crossed below 31 over the last 10 years. These very often represent significant short-intermediate-term buying opportunities:

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    Bence Szemes says:

    Thank you for this update!
    Yesterday I almost lost my cool and sold, but then I told myself, “No, this is when you want to stay in the market!”. I really needed this update to feel comfortable with that decision…

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    Timothy Lewman says:

    Not counting today’s counter trend rally, I think the markets are turning further south on high commodity prices supercharged by Russia/Ukraine and the possibility of an expanded war with NATO. I’m long $UVXY, $SQQQ, $BDRY, $UCO – been taking profits as they rise. I take profits by selling 1/4 of my position in each at +7%,+15%, +20% and let the last 1/4 float with a 15% trailing stop loss – never know how far things will rise. My Longs are $BITO, $ETHE, $F and $TNA, just in case I’m wrong.

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    Maxrothira says:

    Peter, could you answer why you shifted from QQQ to XLK in your analysis? don’t like XLK as it is over 40% in Apple and Microsoft. I think QQQ is top-heavy, but not as bad as XLK. Thanks.

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    VMA_GOT says:

    Hello Peter. Thank you for your great analysis. Peter, though I have a question. Why among all precious metals you pick gold only? There are other metals that are significant part of production and have a great demand. Why not them?
    Do you think that gold is still a valuable as a it was years ago, when it was linked a store of value.
    And what do you think about other comedies such as wheat, corn? Are they are still reasonably priced to be considered for an investment? Taking into account recent events Russia/Ukraine, as these countries are producing quite a significant percentage of world supply.
    Thank you in advance!

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      VMA_GOT says: