How the FED Tightening Announcement Could Impact the Stock Market

Here is an early post of today’s Youtube video:


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    joelzaldivar88 says:

    Hey Peter, great SPX analysis. any chance we can get an Altcoins analysis too ?

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    Ismael says:

    Great content as usual. Thank you!

  3. (0) 0
    Michael W says:

    Love it! This is the best platform for retail investors period. Thanks Peter as always.

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    Gareth Davies says:

    Hi Peter. Thank you for all your insightful analysis. While the S&P continues to rise, many high multiple stocks have already taken a real beating, some having corrected by 50% or more off their highs over the last few weeks (I’m thinking of the kind of stocks that might sit in ARKK, such as ROKU, TDOC, TWLO, SQ, and so on, along with others like PYPL, ETSY, SE, CPNG, etc.). Many of them look to be at or near technical “bottoms”. What is your view on whether this is a good time to pile in to these broken down stocks, or are they likely to continue falling as we move into 2022?