Dow to Gold Ratio is Testing an Important Resistance Line | Is the Market About to Switch to Risk-OFF?

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  1. (9) 9
    bbernest23 says:

    Thanks GOT! Very helpful and informative. Any timeframe on when the ratings dashboard will be updated? It has been over a month since some of the asset classes have been updated. Thanks

  2. (6) 6
    aburic says:

    Peter, I got confused with your view. You always said you are long term very constructive on crypto (just as gold, or even more), but this video you mentioned you think gold is an exit for crypto. Could you please elaborate your view?

    1. (1) 1
      Charleswood says:

      This refer to my comment on the premium video. Same concern then abaric for me.

  3. (1) 1
    Johnnypockets says:

    Hi Peter. Just wondering if there is a crypto update this week?

  4. (0) 0
    carredondo04 says:

    I always appreciate GOT’s analysis. I’m sure it takes a lot of time and is very informative. However, I don’t really agree that now is the best time to learn how macroeconomics influences the stock market. I am of the believe the bond market controls the stock market (and of course the bond market is a result of macroeconomic conditions). But the FED has hijacked the bond market since 2008 and much more since March 2020. And assets like gold and silver are clearly manipulated by JPM. They keep getting fined over and over for suppressing prices while all other commodities skyrocket. I think now is a good time to learn how easily the market can be manipulated and how trade it. The US bond is king and the FED controls it…..the end. What other right minded investor would purchase a negative yielding bond from the US Treasury? IDK. I am still trading this market with success but have been disgusted how manipulated it has become. Good bye free Market!

  5. (0) 0
    PratN says:

    Cant access this video. Was this taken down?