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    Micha says:

    Link doesn’t appear to work.

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      akumta says:

      Just copy the link and paste it in address bar

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        Micha says:

        thanks – the link is working now

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    rlhurt says:


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    additionalgamma says:

    One way that I look at the market is by placing small options on future dates and see how the algo’s pick them up or ignore them. They seem to show signs of movement. I believe the market will not head up as fast as some think and will round out well into next year, maybe even Q3 for a top. While we all wish Plan B ‘s floor models were going to come true it just is getting harder and harder for November’s 95k to materialize, but a model can’t be right all the time and the larger money has more tools to round out the market and take advantage of the enthusiastic retail investors.

    What would be nice Peter is more metrics showing the bigger hedge fund bets either on CME or other places that can give a better set of signposts than just the glassnode. Krown’s Crypto Cave is a helpful analysis for daily and weekly technicals. He had been warning that big money was leveraging for a move lower and it was correct. I cashed in my put options now and hope we round out after Thanksgiving holiday week.

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      angoya says:

      Very good points made. Literally everyone was expecting bitcoin to go parabolic and I knew then that it will not happen.
      Markets tend to do the opposite of what majority of the players think is going to happen.

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    rlhurt says:

    @user test comment

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    carredondo04 says:

    I agree with your analysis 100%. The only thing that has me worried is that BTC is making a lower low like back in April. That has got me weary but I am still a bull given the macro environment……but cautious.

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    ellman says:

    Peter I appreciate your detailed analysis, but it is usually too much detail for me. Can you publish weekly or more often and whenever your opinion changes your recommendations of various investments. I like when you give the different asset classes your short term and mid term and long term recommendations. That would help my decision making more than your details thank you

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    Shiyao Wang says:

    Hey I’m receiving this ‘premium’ video on my YouTube feed! I believe this was not supposed to be members only?