Bitcoin Capitulation Metrics are Off the Charts | Fear is Extreme | Risk:reward Remains Exceptional

Here is an early post of today’s Youtube video:

The premium research article on crypto will be posted later today covering all major developments we’ve seen on Bitcoin along with the important levels/developments we’re watching on the technical chart.

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    Gold Finger says:

    Thanks for two good videos today, after the video earlier I was thinking about asking about how that would affect BTC since they are very correlated.
    When will the next bitcoin episode come out? it sounds extremely interesting! 😀

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    LB_NYC says:

    When ever I hear you talk about Bitcoin I think of this and smile….

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    EnyaX says:

    Appreciate these high-quality analysis as always. A question is that whether you would consider to include some other main stream digital assets analysis in the future from time to time like ETH, SOL. Thank you.

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    HL says:

    thank you for the video, I remember seeing you post about how North America is the ones that are buying the dips of crypto vs Europe+Asia sell off and that the dollar might be weakening in the future that benefits the emerging market. Will the fall of dollar affects Bitcoin somehow? thanks