Will the Bitcoin-Macro Correlation Resume? Momentum Reversal | Extreme Fear

Here is today’s Youtube video:





  1. Bankman says:

    What’s your opinion on potential bear flag on BTC? Or do you think macro factors will play out as we all hope they will?

    Thanks for great video!

    PS: maybe in the future we could see you on the camera and virtually interacting via live Q&A? it would be a nice feature 🙂

  2. CaptainSlow says:

    Thanks Peter. Much appreciated. Makes a lot of sense that $$ flowing out bonds will need to find a home somewhere… small caps and bitcoin are likely recipients. Bitcoin is trading very much in step with small caps… and with small caps at down a fair bit at support and with market breadth thin and mainly supported by large caps, your logic and thinking is reasonable.

    Patience pays profits…

  3. Steve says:

    Hopefully there is a rotation from crypto to gold/silver!

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