The GOT trading room is a chat room that enables members of the site to interact with the GOT team.
Here you can make chart requests on stocks or particular sectors, ask for specific questions regarding trading or investment strategies.
We encourage the members of the trading room to share their own trade ideas/trade set ups on stocks or ETFs and interact with other members.
Having insights on different perspectives helps shape the open mind traders need to successfully manage risk.

Game of trades is a community for traders and investors. The aim of the Trading Room is to create a space for discussion, information and knowledge sharing.
Sharing of trading and investing ideas by subscribers is encouraged on Game of Trades

Be respectful and friendly. Discussion is encouraged, fighting and personal attacks are not.
Profanity, political and religious opinions irrelevant to the financial markets are not to be posted.
Sharing of trading and investing ideas by subscribers is encouraged on Game of Trades
Due to high risk, lack of liquidity and potential for pump & dump schemes, the posting of penny stocks is prohibited.

Submissions and comments inappropriate to a trading community may be deleted.
Violations of these terms will result in suspension or revocation of membership, at the sole discretion of Game of Trades
Any suspension or revocation of the ability to post on Trading Room does not constitute a termination of the subscriber’s ability to access the Pro content on the site and as such, a refund for the remaining term after the revocation of the ability to post on the site will not be provided.

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