Is it Time to Take Advantage of the Recent Market Volatility?

Here is today’s youtube video!

Note: Small Caps seem to finally making a durable bounce off support.


Do you mind sharing more details?

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    John Moore says:

    always psyched to see a new video. FYI, there’s a gain level in the signal path that is too high causing some distortion on the audio

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    btgt23 says:

    Great content! (Note:Audio was a little too loud/distorted)

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    carredondo04 says:

    GOT I know it is always hard to put a timeframe on a move in an asset, stock, or ETF but your previous analysis on IWM and XBI was off. Are you basing your thesis on a 6 month plus time frame or more short term like 1-3 months? Because it has been 1.5 months since you touted IWM and XBI as potential trades. They have both not played out. IMO audio was as usual. Much appreciated as usual.

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