Cryptocurrency Market Analyst

Game of Trades focuses on financial market research and analysis for the retail trading and investing community. Our core mission is to help members forge their own views and convictions in their trading and investment decisions through technical and fundamental analysis.

Our coverage includes equities, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, commodities, fixed income, asset allocation, US and global markets.

As a GOT cryptocurrency market analyst, you will be conducting daily extended research on the cryptocurrency market to keep a highly informed outlook on cryptocurrencies. This will include an up-to-date view on the fundamentals, technical and news that may impact this fast-moving market. You will need to be able to identify opportunities in the cryptocurrency market and plan for successful exit strategies.

Based on extended research and team discussion, you will be writing a variety of articles for our community. We will be discussing the outlook of the cryptocurrency markets together to establish an optimal trading and investment strategy. The aim of these articles is to get members up-to-date on the news, technical and fundamental outlook of the crypto market in line with Game of Trades vision.

You will also be responsible for comments and engaging the discussion in posts on cryptocurrency markets.

Responsibilities (weekly):

  • Market research on technicals, fundamentals and news of cryptocurrencies (10 hours)
  • Team discussion on vision to maintain the GOT cryptocurrencies strategy (2 hours)
  • Writing 3-4 articles a week based on research and discussion (15 hours)
  • 5 hours of content engagement (5 hours)

In order to succeed in this job you will need:

  • Good analytical skills on fundamental and technical cryptocurrency markets
  • Experience: We need you to have at least 2 years of experience working in the cryptocurrency world. This can be either as trading/investing for your own account or as a cryptocurrency analyst.
  • Great content production skills

What You’ll Love About the Job:

  • Personal Brand boost: Once our work relationship has been established, we will promote you as a leading cryptocurrency expert on our social media platforms.
  • Game of Trades Culture: We strive to create an environment propitious to having an open-minded and transparent debate on our investment outlooks. If you have a passion for the cryptocurrency market, you will be tap dancing to your virtual office!
  • Fair deal: You will receive a competitive compensation package based on your skills and experience
  • Flexible benefits: Work from home and take additional vacation days, earn extra bonuses, etc.

As some markets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it means this job may involve strange working hours.

Send us your application:

In order to help us come down to the best match we are going to be asking you to send us a self-written article exposing your personal convictions on:

  1. Bitcoin’s 2021 bull market
    • Current price action
    • End of bull market targets (along with explanation)
    • Optimal high reward low risk strategy for investors with a wide range of experience
    • Allocation strategy for different risk tolerance portfolios
    • Promising altcoins which may outperform Bitcoin during the current bull market.
  2. Sample market update
  3. Your personal track record / experience in cryptocurrencies

 — Game of Trades Team

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